Residential Real Estate


Works well for every home going on the market.Up to 25 photos of the property being photographed

Custom Residential Real Estate

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This works best for properties that are really small and need less than 15 photos or are really big and need more than 25 photos. Contact me and we can create a package that fits your needs.

Commercial Photography

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This covers anything at isn't a residential home for sale. Please contact me with details about your project so we can build a package that works for your needs.


What is your turn around time?

A. Typically, I will have the photos delivered to you by noon the next day.

How do you deliver the photos

A. I will send you an email with a link to download the photos.

Who owns the copyright photos?

A. I do, I am giving your usage rights to use the photos to market the property that is for sale for the life of the listing.

Can I sell the photos if I lose the listing?

A. No, you can not as you do not own the copyright to the photos.

Can I buy the copyright to the photos

A. Yes, at an additional cost.

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