Hi, I am Cynthia Walker.

Welcome to my about page, I am glad your here. Cynthia Walker Photography is a small boutique photography service that specializes in working with real estate agents and builders to create marketing photos that reflect what the space looks like in real life. I choose to solely focus on creating still images of spaces as that is where I find the most enjoyment, so you will not see me offering drone or video at this time.

When one enjoys their work they tend to create a higher quality product

When I am not photographing homes, I am in the studio creating abstract paintings using paints I made from pigments(rocks and plants) I gathered locally while out exploring trails and streams with my two dogs Remi and Loki .Outside of creating art, I am a powerlifter, I live and work in Huntsville, Ala.


“We use Cynthia for all our real estate needs. She is very easy to work with, keeps appointments, professional pictures, quick return on pictures, etc. Photos are excellent! Highly recommended!”

—Shannon Newby

“We use Cynthia Walker Photography for our real estate listings and are always pleased with her work. Cynthia does a wonderful job of showcasing your home in its best light. Not only are her images beautiful, she is also easy to schedule, responsive, and quick to get our images back to us which is crucial in our business! We highly recommend her!”

—Melodie Atchley